Are going to march. How to cook porridge with an integral?

The optimal shape of the boiler - an oval with a flat bottom. The best material - titanium, but it will fit, and aluminum, and steel. In the mushroom field, or where you can catch fish, not more than would be the pan, as an alternative to cooking pan.
The mountains do not prevent an autoclave - a marching version of a pressure cooker, or on the cooking will take too much time. However, even this has benefits, nutritionists say that food cooked over low heat, keeps the nutrients, taste better and are well absorbed.

Fiji Island Volunteer Opportunity

Live on a Fijian Island in a eco-cultural sustainable village: for 1 week to 6 months
Live with  Fijian people, Fijian style, on a 2 mile long island.
Learn local lore and skills.Learn sustainable living.  No other location in Fiji can offer what Vovovoro offers. Learn from a people still connected to the earth, living with it.

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